Monday, February 27, 2012

The Things You Learn Right Away...

There are things you learn right away as a mom.

#1- Your idea of what it means to "get things accomplished" throughout the day will dramatically change.  Cleaning, doing the wash, cooking dinner, going to work, whatever your ideas used to be of what made your day productive will fly out the window in the first two days of staying home alone with your baby.  My new idea of a productive day is taking a shower, brushing my teeth, and managing to eat some food periodically.  Don't judge.

#2-  Baby snuggles are waaay more important than doing the laundry or cleaning the house.  In fact, baby snuggles trump most things.

#3-  When you have a little girl, no amount of bows and flower headbands will ever be enough.  You will always want more.

#4-  Eisley is stuffed up.  When your baby has what even SOUNDS like it may be a cold, you WILL freak out and immediately take them to urgent care.  Even if you told yourself you wouldn't freak out about every little thing before your baby was born.

#5-  You know how everyone just LOVED to tell you that "You will never sleep through the night again" when you are pregnant?  Yeah, well that won't stop.  And it doesn't get less irritating.

#6-  Everyone tells you not to buy too many newborn clothes.  No one tells you that your newborn may very well pee on four different onesies in a day.  You will probably need more onesies.

#7-  Watching your husband learn to change a diaper will be one of the most adorable, hilarious, and entertaining things you will witness in the first week or two.

#8-  People talk about projectile vomiting, but no one tells you that there are other substances that may shoot out of your child.  Like poop.  Projectile pooping is super fun, let me tell you.  I mean seriously, breast-fed poop is basically liquid, and when that stuff shoots out... Good Lord.

#9-  You will spend 70% of your day feeding your baby if you are breast feeding.  You become the sole provider of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and comfort.  You will feel like this is all you do.  And it will basically be the truth.

#10-  Newborns only really smile as a reflex (like when they're tooting away), but it will still be the highlight of your day, melt your heart, and make all the exhaustion melt away for a few seconds.

Being a mom is a totally different experience than anything I've ever done.  It's been amazing, and hard, and rewarding.  I love my little girl so much.  She is beautiful, and perfect, and sweet, and I just love snuggling her and loving on her.  I am so blessed!

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