Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pinterest Project Round Up

Eisley- 15 days old

Having a cute little girl has thrown my crafting-hormones into high gear, and Pinterest has fed my addiction and given me TONS of inspiration.  I mean, look at that little face!  She's got to have as much cute home-made goodness as possible!  Now, my list of projects is so long that I will probably never even get to half of them, but these are the projects I'm really loving right now.  The ones I've been working on, and the ones that are next on my list.  I'll be posting fun pinterest-inspired projects every week.

The project I've been working on so far this week is flowered-headbands.  They are super easy to make, and what little girl doesn't look ridiculously cute in them?  Besides,  when they are this young, girly little headbands let people know that your daughter is, in fact, a girl... because at this age, it can be hard to tell!  

Here are a couple of links for great flower tutorials, and a link where you can buy brightly colored elastic for your headbands.

t-shirt flowers

singed fabric flowers

elastic for headbands- only $1.00 a yard and TONS of colors to choose from

The next project I'll be making is a Moby-inspired baby wrap.  I am all for baby-wearing.  I have a feeling it will be the only way I can get anything done for the next few months, but I think the price tag for some of these wraps is ridiculous. $40 or $50 for a long strip of knit  fabric seems a little out of control.  Especially when you can get more than one wrap out of the fabric you would buy yourself.  Add to that the fact that if you sign up for Joann Fabric's email list, they send you at least one 40 or 50% off coupon every week, and this project could cost you less than half of what a store-bought wrap would run.  I'm going to give you two links... one for a plain knit wrap, and one that will teach you how to put a decorative panel of fabric on the front of your wrap.

plain knit moby-style wrap

decorative fabric-front panel moby-style wrap

The next project I am dying to try is dying and embellishing some plain white onesies.  You can find so many tutorials and ideas for embellished onesies online and on Pinterest.  These are just a few that I loved.  First I'm going to give you a link for a fabric-dying tutorial, because that way you aren't limited to the onesies you can find at the store.  I can't wait to go to Joann's this weekend and give this a try.

how to dye fabric

inspiration from a cute Etsy shop

Cateye glasses onesie

appliqued onesies

glam necklace onesie

Once I've got some more headbands made I will post some photos of how they turned out, and I'll post photos of the other projects when Eisley lets me have some time to make them!  She's the boss of my time now, after all.  She's also my muse though, so I can't complain.  I just love that little girl, and I love making her cute stuff!  I hope you enjoy these tutorials, and always feel free to share any awesome projects you have come across!  Also, feel free to follow my Eisley-inspired project board on Pinterest HERE.  Happy crafting!

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