Sunday, May 20, 2012

Things I've Learned- Three Month Edition

Eisley is three months old!  I can't believe how fast she's growing, and how quickly time is flying by!  My baby is chattering all the time, trying to sit up on her own, and totally proficient at holding her head up!  She smiles all the time, still loves to be on the changing table, and wants to look around her more and more.  She's getting to be more and more fun!

So, in keeping with my monthly tradition-  here are some things I've learned this month.

1.  This is a big one.  Going back to work sucks.  A whole lot.  Even if you are lucky enough to take 3 months off with your baby, you will realize how short that amount of time really is.  She will still need you for everything, and you will probably cry, or come very close to it, on your drive to your first day of work.  You may come to the conclusion I've come to- moms of young babies were not meant to go back to work so soon.  It's the hardest thing to leave your baby.

2.  On a lighter note-  you will probably find that your life now revolves largely around bodily fluids.  Spit up, pee, poop... they will become your intimate companions.  They will make you laugh, cry, and probably gag.  You will know more about poop after 3 months than you ever wanted to.

3.  If you have a fussy baby like I do, you probably still hesitate to take the baby out.  Heck, you may even be subsisting on rice and cereal because you're afraid to bring your little screamer to the store.  You've probably learned by now that she'll scream the minute you get in line to checkout.  And you'll have a full basket.  Oh joy.

4.  A cute baby is like a magnet.  You go out with them, and you could make friends with pretty much anyone.  Even the biggest grouch can't resist an adorable baby.  All eyes will be on the little one, and random strangers will constantly talk to you.  It will make you think-  with a cute baby in tow- you could rule the world!  BWAHAHAHAAAAA!  ok.  Maybe that's going a little far.  You could maybe get out of a speeding ticket or something...

5.  When your baby giggles for the first time you will feel like time stops, and your whole body is filling with light.  It's almost a spiritual experience.  It's amazing.  It really is.

6.  When your baby first giggles, they will do it only once.  You will make the dumbest faces and noises to try to get them to do it again, and they won't.  They know who holds all the power.  They may be babies, but they aren't dumb.

7.  By now at least one person will have asked you when you're going to have another baby.  You will wonder if aliens have abducted them and tampered with their brain.  Another baby!?  You still haven't slept more than 5 or six hours at a time yet!

8.  It's really hard not to be that parent that brags about how awesome their baby is all the time.  But those parents are obnoxious.  You will try to keep your mouth shut.  And you will fail more often than you'd like.  Eventually you will come to terms with this.  I mean, come on, your kid IS awesome!

9.  If you are cloth diapering your baby, chances are pretty darn good that you spend waaay too much time looking at, drooling over, and buying new adorable fluffy diapers for your babe.  Occasionally you will remember that the purpose of these cute little diapers are to contain poop.  Smelly smelly poop.  You will probably continue to look at, drool over, and buy new diapers anyway.

10.  When your baby was first born, you probably thought to yourself that you wished they could stay that little forever.  When they turned one month, you thought it again.  By now you've probably realized that you'll think this every month.  Because every month brings so much new wonder and love and joy that you can't imagine it will get any better... but it always does.  It seems impossible, but it gets better every single day.

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