Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Best Cloth Diaper Accessories To Make Your Life Easier

When I tell people that I cloth diaper, they often look at me like I must have lost my mind.  One eyebrow will rise, their mouth gapes open, and I can see the questions start to form in their brains.  As I try not to laugh at their incredulity, I prepare to answer the same questions I always get.

"What do you do with the poop?"

"How do you clean them?"

"What do you do with dirty diapers when you are out and about?"

The answers to these questions are largely influenced by the easy peasy accessories that are available to today's cloth diapering parents.  So today, we are going to talk about the best cloth diaper accessories out there, and how they can make the day to day easier.  Then when the uninitiated and slightly baffled masses ask you how you can say cloth diapering is easy, you'll have some answers and strategies.

So in my opinion the best cloth diaper accessory is a great hemp insert.  A great hemp insert or doubler will keep your little one dry and free of leaks while you are out and about.  So not that you won't need to deal with the occasional dirty diaper, or public diaper change, but odds are pretty darn good that you are not going to have to do a public outfit change because of a leaky diaper.  Hemp is also a natural fiber, which I am a fan of.  It doesn't get as stinky as microfiber, and holds a ton.  If you don't have any hemp inserts in your stash, save up some cash and get some.  They are also a must have for night time diapering.

Now on to the question "What do you do with the poop?"  Well besides the glaringly obvious answer of "you plop it in the toilet!" I tell people all about diaper sprayers.  These little gems will help you clean up the most disgusting of poops without having to scrape, swish, dunk, or wipe poop off of your diaper.  Just hook it up to your flexible line, set it to the right water pressure, and just spray that poop off of your baby's diaper and straight into the toilet.  So easy.  It is one of the best cloth diaper accessories that you can invest in.

When people ask how I clean the diapers, I tell them about my washing routine.  I am a big fan of Tide for diaper washing, but there are some other products that I do depend on because we have extremely hard water.  RLR is a cheap and easy way to keep your diapers from building up stink, and it will keep them looking fresh and white.  Since using RLR on my diapers, I've also started using it to get my daughter's clothes looking nice and new again.  It is amazing.  Just add it to your diaper laundry for upkeep purposes, or run a wash cycle with clean diapers and just RLR to strip as needed.  It has been a life saver for us, especially since smells have been harder to battle in this crazy summer heat.  I will also say that I think water test strips are a great little accessory to invest in.  At only $.99 per strip, it will make it so easy to find the right washing routine for your water quality.  Washing has been the biggest challenge for us as far as finding a routine that works really well goes.  Once we discovered that we have very hard water, it made it easy to figure out what aspects of our washing routine to tweak.

The third and final must-have accessory is a great wet bag.  When people ask what I do with soiled diapers when I am out and about, I pull out my super cute wet bag.  They keep moisture and smells in, come in various sizes, and will keep your diaper bag nice and clean.  You will probably want to have at least two travel sized wet bags in your stash in case one is in the wash when you need to run out for something.

So if you are new to cloth, or just need some ideas of what kind of products you should recommend when people are curious, these are what I believe to be the best cloth diaper accessories you can have.  Banish the fears of those who are interested in using cloth but think it is going to be complicated or messy, and show them all of the great accessories available to make cloth diapering easier.  There's a million reasons to cloth diaper, and these modern conveniences make up quite a few of them.

So happy easy peasy diapering!

disclosure- this blog post was written as part of the Diaper Junction Blog Squad, and I have been compensated for this post.  That being said, all the opinions stated are completely my own, and your experience may vary.


  1. I don't use cloth diapers but I did discover wet bags and they're helpful for any parent. They're great for regular diapers that you don't want to leave at a friends house or for clothes the got a little soiled. Highly recommended.

    1. I totally agree! wet bags are definitely a must have diaper-bag staple. Like you said, even if it's just for clothes that got leaked on. =)