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Smart Snugs Simple Snug All in Two Review & Giveaway

Alright fellow cloth diaper addicts- I've got a review of a brand spanking new product for you today!  Oh- and a giveaway!  woo hoo!!

You all know that I like Smart Snugs Diapers.  A lot.  They're cute, affordable, and work like a charm. So when they contacted me with the opportunity to review their new All-In-Two diaper line, along with a few other bloggers, of course I was excited.  Being an almost strictly pocket diaper and all-in-one diaper fan, this was a great chance to try something new.  Plus the diaper cover they sent me is black!  Every baby should have a LBD (little black diaper)!

The new Simple Snug AI2 is a cover-style system with stay-dry micro-fleece pockets in the front and the back of the diaper to hold the inserts securely in place while also keeping the sticky PUL away from your baby's body.  Speaking of inserts, there are 5 that you have to choose from.  Yeah, 5.  That's a lot of great options!  The covers also have double gussets to keep messes inside the diaper and not on your baby's clothes.  And like all Smart Snugs diapers, they have hip snaps and fold-over tabs that will ensure that this diaper will fit your baby for a long long time.

The insert that I was sent to test out with my new Simple Snug AI2 was the 6 Layer Bamboo Cotton with Gussets.  This insert is soft.  Really really soft.  I know that it's got to feel great on Eisley's little tushie, and that's important to me.  It's also really absorbent.  One 6 Layer insert is plenty for nap time protection.  It didn't quite get us through the night, but Eisley has been drinking a whole lot of milk before bed time lately, so the only thing that tends to get us through is a hemp pre-fold tri-folded in a pocket diaper.

Anywho, in case you're wondering exactly what is inside of the 6 layer bamboo insert, check out this handy dandy graphic from Smart Snugs.  Two layers of thirsty bamboo cotton, three layers of microfiber, and a bottom layer of waterproof PUL which will let you switch out your inserts without wiping your cover very often.  Which is awesome because I think that is what keeps me from using more covers and prefolds.  The cleaning up of messes in between uses.  I'm actually pretty lazy when it comes to diapers, so I typically like to just toss a dirty diaper right into the wet bag.  With these, I have no problem just tossing the insert into the wetbag and popping a new one into the cover.  Easy as pie.  Which is an expression I've never fully understood because making a pie isn't super easy.  But I digress...

 The only thing I'm not sure I am in love with are the gussets on the insert.  The gussets don't seem to grab the four inside layers, and so it always seems a little bunchy when I pull the inserts out of the washer and dryer.  I don't like when my underpants get all bunched up, so I tend to think my daughter must not like it either, so for me the bunching is con to this insert.  It's not a deal breaker, with some effort I've been able to get everything smoothed back out, but in the future I'd love to see these inserts made with the gusset grabbing onto each layer.  If that happens, I'll be a convert.

If you're not wild about the gussets on the insert, there are also non-gusseted options that will be just as absorbent and soft.  The inserts also come in charcoal bamboo in place of the bamboo cotton.  I do love  options!

Ok.  So here are the details-

Price- $14.99 for a Simple Snug cover with wipeable PUL inside that can be used for multiple diaper              changes.
          $19.50 for a pack of three Cotton Bamboo Inserts with Gussets

Options- 6 great colors to choose from as well as two different pocket materials.  (note that the charcoal bamboo pockets or Nature Snugs are $18.99 instead of $14.99)  5 different inserts to choose from!

Pros-  Great fit that covers a huge range of weights and sizes thanks to the overlapping tabs and cross-over snaps.

The black color is awesome.  Seriously, why haven't I gotten a black diaper before now?  All of their colors are vibrant and gorgeous.

The covers can be used for multiple diaper changes and you can use so many different Smart Snugs inserts, prefolds, flats... just about anything in them.

The stay dry pockets really do keep the inserts in place, and keep baby comfortable.

These are affordable and fairly priced.

Cons-  The gusseted inserts are a little bit bunchy.  You have to mess with them a bit to get them to lay nice and straight.

There are only 6 colors!  With colors that vibrant, I'd love to see some more modern options like a deep teal, hot pink, and some less primary colors.  This isn't really a con as much as a wish for more.

Overall-  I really like the new Smart Snug Simple Snug AI2.  I think I'm going to have to add more to my stash because these are so easy and work so well.


Here's the Review!  It goes live on July 1st!

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Disclaimer-  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  I was sent a diaper for review, but all opinions are my own.  Your experience may be different than my own.

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