Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What's In a Planet Wise Wet Bag?

Ok.  Let's get back to something lighter.  Lets chat about some cute cloth diaper related gear... it's kind of my zen place.  Since I am personally in the market for a great new Wet Bag, I think that's what we should talk about, and we're going to talk about my favorite kind.  Because that's how I roll, and what is the point of talking about a brand I don't like?  So there's that!

Have you heard of Planet Wise wet bags?  I love them.  For so many reasons.  Let me count the ways...

1.  They're adorable.  I mean really, really adorable.  There are so many prints that I'm having a hard time choosing which hanging wet bag to choose.  (ok-  it was difficult, but I just ordered the Laughing Leaf Hanging Bag.  So cute!)  

2.  They're durable.  I've had diaper-bag sized Planet Wise wet bags for two years now, and they are still just as perfect as the day I got them.  Definitely a worth-while investment.

3.  They fit every need.  Seriously though- Planet Wise bags come in so many sizes.  They have Wipes Pouches that are the perfect size for your cloth wipes folded in half or rolled up, and it even has a snap down feature that keeps them from wicking and getting things in your diaper bag wet.  Their small bags are perfect for a quick errand where you may need to change one or two diapers.  Their medium bag is my diaper-bag staple.  Big enough to fit several diapers and wipes, but small enough to fold up to a nice compact size, these are great for days out on the town.  The Large size has a snap-closure handle, and it will fit about a dozen diapers- perfect for weekends away.  Then there is the hanging wet bag.  Which I can't say enough good things about if you don't use a pail.  I just hang mine from a hook on the bathroom door, and it holds over two dozen diapers.  Perfect for your laundry needs.  

4.  They have tons of uses.  I know you aware that wet bags are a must-have item for cloth diapering, but what about other daily needs?  For instance, what do you do if your child has an accident and you need to transport soiled clothes?  Toss them in a medium sized wet bag!  What do you do with big wet beach towels and swim suits after you're done swimming?  Toss them in a large wet bag!  Wet, snowy boots driving you nuts?  I give you the Planet Wise large wet bag.  Did your child fall and hit their knees or head and you want to ice it to prevent a bump?  Stick some ice in a small wet bag.  Bam.  Problems solved.  *cue chorus of angels singing*  

  5.  They're affordable.  Topping out at $29.99 (for their enormous hanging wet bag), these are pretty great deal.  They're not going to break the bank, and you're not going to have to replace them very often at all.  A Planet Wise Medium Wet Bag is only $16.50.  Not bad.

Well I have wet bags on the brain.  I have been in desperate need of that extra hanging wet bag!  Seriously though- if you haven't checked out Planet Wise bags, you must.  They're definitely a cloth diapering/ every day parenting must have.

*Disclosure-  this is a sponsored post.  All opinions are honest and completely my own!

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