Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Post in Which I Try To String a Coherent Sentence Together.

Forgive me if any of this post makes no sense.  I, like many other new moms, am sleep deprived.  (As if I needed proof, I just started to type "sleeped deprived."  Lord help me.)  My darling, sweet, angelic stubborn daughter has decided that neither of us need to sleep anymore.  She'll be turning 4 months this week (where has the time gone!?) and we've hit that 4 month sleep regression stage.  Yay!

Now, I know sleep deprivation is one of the universal rites of passage of motherhood.  A badge of honor, as it were, that lets other moms knowingly (and annoyingly) say to every pregnant woman they see "Enjoy your sleep now!  You won't get any once that baby is born!"  If you've ever wondered why these moms smile at you as they say that, I've decided that it's because misery loves company.  And tired mamas have a lot of company.

I thought I had at least partially escaped this fate.  Eisley would typically sleep between 5 to 7 hours the first part of the night by the time she was just a few weeks old.  It could only get better from there, right!?  Sure.  Absolutely!  Oh boy.  So now, I've become the mom that reads books searching for the secrets of the universe.  Surely in one of those books is the fool proof solution to my problems.  We tried the "cry it out" method the other night out of desperation, and all I think it did was make her needy and emotional the next day.  So I bought "the no-cry sleep solution" and I'm just praying that there is something in there to help me figure out how to break the awful habits we set in motion when it comes to getting our daughter to sleep.  Oh please God let there be something in there that can help her sleep!

I know that this is just a season, and that she will have to start sleeping some day (she has to, right?  I mean, this kid is only human...), but for now, I have to admit that I'm discouraged and exhausted.  Nick tries to help me get some sleep at night, he tries to calm her down when she wakes up after only an hour of sleep, but she only wants to nurse.  It's hard.  It's totally and completely worth it, but it's really hard to be so exhausted, take care of my daughter, take care of myself, spend time with my husband, and work part time on top of it.

I love where my daughter is at right now.  She's getting so funny, becoming more interactive, more aware, more full of personality.  It makes it difficult to stay frustrated when she giggles or flashes me a ridiculously huge smile.  She's the tiny love of my life, and I'm trying hard not wish that this period of her life would speed by so that I could get some sleep.  I keep telling myself how amazing this time is, how quickly she's growing and learning, and how much she is changing.

I am trying to take each moment as it comes, nap when I can, and really enjoy each new stage of her life.  Even if it means that sleep is a distant memory (for now, at least).  Everyone says that this part goes by so quickly, and I know they're right.  Four months has gone by, and it feels like only yesterday that we were bringing her home.  So I'll just keep dying to myself little by little each day, and ask the Lord to help me love my daughter selflessly through anything.

She's worth it, after all.


  1. hey copper! i hear ya on the sleep deprivation... it's rough. my little one has started teething. some days are better than others though. you'll get through it! i hope you get some well deserved rest mama!

  2. I could have written your story. My son was actually sleeping through the night at 2-3 months and then regressed massively at 4 months and didn't start sleeping through the night again until 9 months. It gets better. I promise. I really liked the Sleeping through the Night book. My son still isn't a great sleeper (and how ironic that he is now screaming in his room.) Head desk.

  3. Thanks Girls! I know it will get better, and hopefully we will all get some really great sleep soon! Ms Tsa, I am wondering if teething is part of the problem for my daughter too... she's been awfully drooly and chomps on her hands a whole lot. If that was it, at least I would know it's only temporary, but still no fun!

    Melissa, I'll have to check out that book, thanks! I've been reading the No Cry Sleep Solution, and I like it, but I am always up for more and different ideas.