Monday, June 18, 2012

The Things I've Learned - 4 Month Edition

I can't believe my little girl is four months old already!  Time is just going so fast.  I remember being a kid in grade school and feeling like the summer would never come.  Now as an adult, I wonder where the summer's gone more often than not!

Well, without further ado, here are some things that I've learned this month.

1.  You know how people will say to you "Meh.  Sleep is overrated."?  I want to know what those people are smoking.  Until I got pregnant, I totally underrated sleep.

2.  You always want what you can't have.  ie sleep, a nice hot bath, the chance to go to the bathroom without a baby screaming that she needs you the second you sit down on the toilet.

3.  At 4 months, babies can be hilarious!  They discover their feet, how to chew on them, how to make fart-type noises with their mouths, and start to laugh and giggle more often.  You will probably just watch your baby in amazement, and crack up at how proud they are that they can blow raspberries now.

4.  That 4 month sleep regression that everyone talks about?  Ugh.  It's so real, and so sucky.  Goodbye sleep.  It was nice to know you.

5.  When you go back to work (if you go back to work) as a breastfeeding mother who intends to pump... get ready for some ignorant comments.  And get ready to defend your rights.  Sadly, these comments and potential attacks will probably come from your childless female managers, not the males.  Go figure.  Stick up for yourself and your baby.  They just don't get it.

6.  If you find yourself in the market for a new vehicle, you will probably find yourself leaning towards a mini-van.  You will feel old, and slightly nerdy, but then you will think about all the space you'll have to bring home furniture, and you won't hit your head on the ceiling of your car as often when you get the baby seat out of the car, and... ok.  You'll resign yourself to the fact that a mini-van is almost inevitably in your future.

7.  Mini-vans are freaking expensive!  Good Lord.  Someone want to buy me a winning lottery ticket?

8.  Sleep deprivation can often equal depression.  If you're like me, that also equals going broke because you will participate in what so many women before us have done to cure the blues.  Retail therapy.  Although, if you have a spirited, unpredictable baby like me, you will now get your "therapy" in online.

9.  Your house probably looks messy way more often than you'd like it to, but you still have a little baby and who has time to clean constantly?  So what if your house looks like a tornado ripped through it?  You will never have a better excuse than this.  Take advantage of it!

10.  Sleep when you can.  You know you'll regret doing other things (like writing a blog) while the baby sleeps as soon as they wake up and you are still exhausted.  Your baby is four months old now!  You'd think you would have figured this one out by now...   


  1. Don't you just hate that when you sit down for me time to read, write a blog, whatever and then regret it later when the baby wakes up early and you don't get a nap. I did that some many times when my son was little.

  2. I do it all the time! You would thin i would have learned my lesson by now! =)

  3. I stayed up until 11 last night blogging. As soon as I realized what time it was, I could have hit myself for missing out on a couple of hours of sleep. Totally been there. ;)

    BTW, I'm following you via the Change Diapers cloth blog hop!