Thursday, July 5, 2012

Starting Cloth Diapering on the Cheap

So I have a bunch of friends who are pregnant or have babies and are thinking about or have expressed some interest in cloth diapering.  I know I've posted stuff before on here for how to snag free or cheap diapers to get yourself started out with minimal out of pocket cost, but a I've got some more tips for you!  The great thing about cloth diapering is that there is a growing community out there of other moms and dads that are passionate about helping each other save some money and get cute fluff for free or cheap.

Swagbucks is still a great option for getting free diapers with all of those giftcards you're going to get for searching and doing surveys.  If you missed my how-to post, go here.  I've made about $200 to date on Swagbucks, and I've bought bunches of diapers for free that way.  Yup.  Free.  F.R.E.E.  woot!

Ok, now that I'm done doing my own little happy dance about that number over here, on to some more tips.  Deal networks.  I know you've heard of sites like Zulily, where they have at least one or more great baby deals a day.  You get stuff for usually 50% off or more, but it does require some stalking.  Well worth it.  For instance, starting tomorrow on Zulily, you can pick up some Rearz cloth diapers for a great deal.  Other baby sites have great cloth diaper deals on a regular basis, and those are the ones you want to make sure you check out every day, and sign up for their email alerts.  It's totally worth the extra couple of emails in your inbox every day.  The first one is BabySteals, who actually has Itti Bitti cloth diapers on their site for 40% off right now, as I write!  BabySteals has cloth diapers all the time.  I bought a couple of Bitti Tuttos from BabySteals the other day for about $10 off per diaper.  And they ship right away unlike a lot of these baby deal networks.  Another great site is eco baby buys.  They have diaper deals all the time, and you can save a bundle there too.  The key with these sites is to check them every day while you are building your stash.  Deals often sell out quickly, and if you want a certain color or size, you have to act fast.

Giveaways!  Ok, so I am a giveaway addict.  I started with just a few, and didn't win anything for a while, but once the winning started, I was hooked.  I've won tons of stuff in just three or four months.  I should have kept better track, but I've won about a dozen diapers, a baltic amber teething bracelet and necklace set for Eisley, a onesie, some flats and prefolds, nursing pads, a couple of Diva Cups, some cloth wipes, a wetbag, some bottom spray, a wool diaper cover, baby leg warmers, and some cj's butter samples.  Wow, looking at that, I need to go buy a lottery ticket.  I'm on a little bit of a roll here!  My point is, I never won anything until Eisley was born.  Now they key is that I enter a LOT of giveaways.  For every one I win, I lose probably 20... but I've added a lot of great diapers to my stash this way.

A lot of diaper blogs off giveaways all the time.  Start "liking" some blogs, and join in on some cloth diaper forums on facebook.  My favorite place to talk about all things diaper and mommy related is the Change Diapers Blog facebook page.  Maria, the woman behind this awesome blog and page, is super knowledgeable, and every Friday she puts together a cloth diaper related giveaway roundup.  I love how easy she makes it to enter a bunch of giveaways.  She does a ton of work so that you don't have to go searching all over the web.  Most of the giveaways I've won have been straight off of Maria's roundup.  So go start entering.  Enter a lot, and enter often.  It's totally worth the time you put into it when you start racking up the wins.  My husband can't believe how often I win these giveaways, and my good friend thinks it's ridiculous when we chat cloth and she finds out that I've won something else.

I just think it's ridiculously awesome.

Ok.  So the babe is going to wake up any minute now, and I need to take a moment for myself here, so this is where I leave you for today.  Now start creating your plan of attack, and go get some free, or super cheap, fluff.

Happy deal-hunting!

More tips when they come to me.  =)

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  1. change diapers is awesome. And might I say, Copper you have been instrumental in my choosing to go cloth. And now I am getting a few others to switch too! It is SOOOO much easier than I thought and now DH is hooked. it took him a little longer and the other day he said that he is so glad that we chose to switch. Every time he thinks about putting on a disposable he feels guilty! So he reaches for the cloth! (we still have a lot of disposables from shower and early purchasing)