Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall Fluff Sponsor Spotlight- H3idiho Designs

personalized teething necklace
Tonight I bring you another sponsor spotlight for the fall fluff giveaway.  It's not fluff, but it's a baby must have, and a jewelry life-saver for moms with babies.  Yes, all moms with babies.  I don't know about you, but I don't wear my expensive jewelry anymore, because it just ends up in Eisley's mouth.  Enter H3idiho Designs and her cute and practical teething necklaces and toys.

I put off buying a teething necklace as long as I could.  I just couldn't find any that I liked, were cute, safe for Eisley, and wouldn't break the bank.  When I found Heidi's shop, I could have done a little dance.  Her necklaces are cute, and she told me that she has decided to make sure they are affordable so that every mom and teething baby can have one.  I love that.

For the record though, I would pay twice what she charges for her necklaces.

One of my favorites!
H3idiho Designs offers everything from personalized name necklaces, to ones embellished with stones, to teething toys.  The only problem I had was which necklace to choose, because they are just so cute.  Although, at about $10 a necklace, there is definitely no reason to purchase only one.  These are the two necklaces I bought, and I'm sure I will end up with a couple more in the near future.  Eisley's first two teeth have come in, and I know there is a whole lot more teething about to happen.

Her jewelry and teethers would also make great shower gifts.  It's just one of those little things that a new mom doesn't necessarily think about- but it is something she will definitely appreciate when the time comes.

H3idiho Designs  has generously sponsored a teething necklace of the winner's choice.  I know you will love it, so give her a shout out, and look around her shop.  Heck, buy yourself and your little one something pretty while you are at it.  Your little one will love it- Eisley loves that she can grab and chew on my jewelry without me taking it out of her hands and her mouth, and I love that I can wear something cute, that is also functional.

So a huge thank you to H3idiho Designs for the generous prize, and good luck to all of you in the giveaway!

cute ribbon-adorned teething rings- Eisley loves hers!

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  1. Heidi's talent for making simple, stunning teething jewelry is just amazing. And her prices are, too! We love our teething necklace! Anne Sweden at Zephyr Hill