Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fall Fluff Sponsor Spotlight- Lambie Love

Tonight I am bringing you our last sponsor spotlight for the Fall Fluff giveaway, which is only two days away!  Exciting!

Wool Wrap- One Size
Lambie Love is an awesome WAHM etsy shop run by Heather who is based out of Saint Louis.  Her shop has some of the most gorgeous wool covers and soakers you will ever see.  Each one is unique, and each one is like putting a  wooly work of art on your baby's bum.  Each cover and soaker is hand created out of up-cycled wool sweaters and hand dyed interlock wool.  The wool she uses is some of the softest out there.  When I got my first cover from Lambie Love, I was a little jealous that Eisley was going to get to wear something so soft and luxurious.  Um, can I have some cashmere undies?

Lambie Love wool was the first I tried, and I love it.  It is such a great option for night time since wool is breathe-able, wicks moisture into the wool and away from baby's skin, and does not need to be washed often.  Wool covers can be worn over a traditional diaper at night for an extra layer of protection, or over a fitted diaper as a cover.  Lambie love also makes adorable fitteds that will help keep your baby dry all night long.

Wool is definitely an investment, and I think that it keeps a lot of people from giving it a try, but Lambie Love's wool is affordable, functional, and just so beautiful that if you have been wanting to get started with using wool, this is a wonderful option for you.  At about $20 for a soaker and $30 for a wool wrap, you just can't find high quality wool at this price anywhere else.

Another awesome feature that I just have to tell you all about is that Heather will work with you to create something custom.  If you are just dying for a houndstooth and teal soaker, Heather will try to make that happen for you.  If you look on her facebook wall, you'll see lots of mamas with special requests.  I think this really sets Lambie Love apart from lots of shops out there.

So go, run, check out Lambie Love's shop.  Drool over the gorgeous wool and brightly colored fitteds.  Pick up some yummy scented lanolin to keep your wool going strong, and try to decide on just one soaker that you would pick if you win.  I'm pretty sure you will have a hard time choosing just one.

Heather stocks her shop just about every week with brand new woolies, so check back often.  Like I said, no two are exactly alike, and they are all so pretty that each stocking is going to bring something you're going to want to snatch up.

Lambie Love has generously offered to give our winner a wool soaker and lanolin to get you started on your wool journey, or further feed your wool addiction.  Please make sure you stop by Heather's facebook page and leave her some love, thank her for the giveaway, and check out the photos of her amazing work.

And don't forget to stop back in two days to enter to win a beautiful Lambie Love soaker of your very own!

Good luck!

DisclaimerI did not receive any compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own, and your experience may vary.


  1. i love how affordable her wool is! and the patterns make me want to buy one even more!

  2. I love wool. We are just starting to use and I love how cute it is and how well it keeps them dry at night

  3. I've been stalking Lambie Love on FB and etsy for a few weeks now. I love that her prices are very reasonable and that she is a USA mommy that I can support, instead of something Made in... Her stuff is definitely beautiful. I love that she is willing to work with you to try to meet your custom desires!

  4. I love the wrap covers! I tried making some wool covers from thrifted sweaters and some mouse damaged wool coats but I had to make them pull on. I really want to try wool again with my newest baby.

  5. My favorite longies are these {Large--Lambie Love Wool Longies--Brown Bear Crawl--Cloth Diaper Cover}, but unfortunately, they're at least 2 inches too short in the inseam.

    1. Sarah Jane/mummytocharis{at}yahoo{dot}com

  6. Oh my! Looking at her woolies makes me wish I had money to splurge and by one! I recently started sewing just so I could make upcycled wool covers for my son. We are both in college and on a tight budget but wool is the only thing that works for my son at night so I have been teaching myself to sew so I could make lots of wool for my son and baby # 2 on the way....but oh how I would love to buy some cute covers! Wool is truly addicting, lol.

  7. I love that the soakers are breathable and good for covering fitteds. I would love to try them.

  8. I really want to try wool. I recently saw some in person and fell in love. I absolutely love the wool cover you highlighted here. I think is my favorite!

  9. I am going to her shop ASAP. I can't believe those prices and I love the samples you posted.