Monday, January 7, 2013

I've dropped off the face of the earth, and other holiday happenings

Man, I pretty much missed the major holidays completely, didn't I?  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years... gone in the blink of my very sleepy eyes.  Oh well, such is the mommy life, right?  

I've admittedly been preoccupied lately.  New business ventures (Mary Kay), plotting how to revive old ones (portrait photography!  yay!), and lots of time enjoying my babe (who will not be a baby much longer, eek!).  I'm going to be better about posting this year.  New Years resolution.  *wink*

So in a nutshell, here's what is going on with me right now.  I'm fat.  No really, I am.  Don't feel like you need to post a comment telling me I am not.  I'm totally not being self-deprecating here, I'm just being honest with myself and all of you.  It is, sadly, a fact.  SO.  What does that mean for me this year?  It means I have a lot of work to do, because the hubs and I would like to start trying for baby number two probably some time this summer.  And I don't want to be ridiculously overweight while I am pregnant.  Not fun.  At all.

So my goals for this year (notice I am calling them goals and not resolutions...  who the heck ever sticks to their resolutions?  Not me!) are to get my eating habits (and sometimes lack of eating) under control, and to exercise way way way more often than I do now.  Which is to say, I am going to start exercising.  Because I stepped on the scale this morning ladies, and while I am not quite honest or confident enough to admit the number, I will say that it is not good.  Not good at all.

I almost peed myself.

SO.  Today begins my new lifestyle.  I'm going to juice fresh fruits and veggies, eat whole and healthy foods, and take Eisley for lots and lots of walks when the weather is not too frigid.  It's probably going to suck completely at first.  Let's be real here.

But I don't want to be a horrible example for my daughter as she starts to become more and more aware of everything I do.  The child watches me like an adorable little hawk, and I see her taking it all in.  I don't want to pass bad habits, poor self image, and most of all poor health on to my daughter.  Not the kind of legacy that I am looking to leave.

I would love to hear your success stories, tips, tricks, and motivational anecdotes (as well as any awesome juicing recipes).  We could all use a little encouragement sometimes, and I am sure I'm not the only one in this boat.  We can do it ladies!

Now wish me luck, because this is going to be a long hard journey, though completely worth the struggle.  Someday, hopefully some day this year, I will step on that scale and not have to fight the involuntary pee-myself reaction.  Someday (soon!) I will be able to shop at whatever store I want for clothes.  Someday (starting today!) I will have more energy to be a good mom and chase my little princess around.  Here we go...

OH!  And should you want to make some of that delicious looking juice for yourself, it's super easy.  Just juice two oranges, two apples, one big carrot, and about a cup and a half of spinach.  Yum!  That was my breakfast this morning, and it was amazing.


  1. If you haven't considered doing couch to 5K and want to try it, I highly recommend it. I was tired of holding onto a few extra pounds since having my son and of being completely out of shape. I started it and love it. Check out my blog post about if you want.

  2. Proud of you Copper! And so glad I got to see you and your little one on your crazy blink of an eye "vacation."

    I also used the 5K goal as motivation to get my butt moving (and into my jeans). My personal experience: while there are a million apps, suggested structures, and checklists to follow, my life - and I will very much bet your life - didn't allow for "just do this every day" lists, so I "failed" the first two times I tried. And that was depressing.

    Then I got a wrist watch, and didn't bother printing off charts or suggested run/walk patterns. I told myself that I was going to be able to jog without stopping for 5 minutes. Did that a few times. Later that week, 7. Eventually 10...and just kept going and told myself that if I wasn't dripping in sweat I wasn't doing it right. On the day I was aiming for 15 minutes, I looked so pained that a wonderful stranger clapped her hands and cheered buen trabajo! Seguir adelante! at me at the park. I have no idea how far I was running, and it wasn't important. :)

    Long story short. I ran a 5K with my siblings on Thanksgiving Day, and I'm still going. I'm up to 45minutes now :) And my New Years goal is to be able to chin-ups by March! We shall see.

  3. I love hearing people's goals. I used to lose some weight before I had Ben andnow after to get back to pre-baby weight. its free and accessable online and has a free app.
    Also the additional goal of a race is great, esp with another person for accountability. I am doing a half marathon in April, and have some support and accountability with my sister and fundraising which MAKES me run, even when I don; want to.
    I am excited for you. I hope you blog about your progress

  4. Thanks for the ideas and encouragement girls! I will have to check out all of those apps and programs. Melissa, I'm about to go read your blog right now! =)

    I am totally not someone who thinks running is fun, but I would like to be! Maybe I will attempt to morph myself into a runner. ;)