Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Things I've Learned- Five Month Edition

My baby girl is growing up so fast! Holy cow, has it really been 5 months already? Eisley has just gotten more and more hilarious and full of personality this month.

 Her new favorite pastime is to constantly do what seems to be a mix between blowing a raspberry and making a fart noise with her mouth. Sometimes she will do this for 15 minutes at a time, or I will wake up to hear her entertaining herself with this lovely little trick over the baby monitor while she is still in her crib. The kid cracks me up. She is just such a beautiful little girl, who I very affectionately and without even a hint of irony love to call my "Pretty Princess."  She still has gorgeous blue eyes, and I'm just waiting to see if they are going to stay that color. It looks like she will have some teeth soon, and sometimes the teething monster likes to come out and play, but she's been doing a lot better with it, poor little bean! She also loves to grab anything and everything in her path. She pulled my plate full of food off of the table the other week. Luckily it was a paper plate. yeesh!

 She just grows and changes so much. It's amazing to me, it really is. I just love learning all about life with her, and my husband and I just can't get enough of her silliness. Of course, now that I've been a mom for five months, I've got it all figured out, so this will be a short list of things I've learned this month.



 I have so much to learn still, but here are a few of the things I've learned this month.

 1. Remember when you thought you were going to be able to effortlessly lose all of your pregnancy weight and flab and extra skin back when you first got pregnant?
 Yeah, I'll pretend like I don't remember my delusions too. We can pretend we never said that to ourselves together.

 2. Enjoy being period-less while you can. One day it will sneak back into your life like a red thief in the night, and you will be sad. *sigh*

 3. Remember before you had kids, and before 10,000 people and their moms saw you naked and giving birth, and you were embarrassed to talk about things like your period?

 4. Babies are strong. It's going to hurt a lot worse than you think it will when they grab hold of your hair and give it a good tug.

 5. Eventually your baby won't poop five million times a day like they did when they were a newborn. You will be both overjoyed and worried. You will probably think to yourself at least a few times, "does my baby poop enough!?" Yes. This is what your life has come to.

 6. Even if you were, in your previously child-less life, a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type person, you will now be a big fan of The Schedule.  You will realize that a happy baby is a baby who has napped at least twice.  And a baby who naps at least twice without fighting you tooth and nail, is a baby who is on some sort of a schedule.

7.  Time goes too fast.  Blink and another month has somehow come and gone.

8.  100 degree temperatures suck.  Especially when it stays that hot for weeks on end.  If you're like me, you probably won't even leave your house some days, for fear of baby heat stroke.  OR just general fussiness.

9.  Teething is your enemy.  It needs to be fought with all you have, and banished with things like baby tylenol, teething tablets, and amber teething necklaces.  It has the evil super-power of being able to turn your sweet angelic baby into a raging monster.  It must be stopped.

10.  There is nothing more gratifying than when a baby thinks you're funny.  When they giggle at your stupid faces it is just the best thing.

I just can't believe how much more I love her every day.  I also can't believe how steep the learning curve can be at every step of the way.  I feel like I have learned more about love, myself, and life in 5 months than I learned in the past few years!


  1. Completely agree to all of the above! My little guy is 4 months but it is amazing how much he grows and changes each day, and even more amazing how much more a part of my life he becomes.

  2. it really is amazing how much they are constantly changing at this age! it blows my mind when I really stop to think about it. It's just all of the sudden Eisley can do something new. It's so fun and amazing, isn't it? =)